Llanganuco Mountain Lodge

Behind the scenes at LML


The labour of love of LML began with the aim of making trekking in the Huascaran National Park more accessible & enjoyable. Founded in 2005, by Brit Charlie Good the lodge is a testament to a man’s love and passion for the mountains in a world of extremes. As a chartered accountant working for a big 4 firm in London, Charlie managed to break away from the rat race to follow his dream. Saving his money for several years, he sold his flat, car and girlfriend and packed his bags for Peru. After searching for a year for the best spot in the Andes, work began in 2005. Having camped for 7 months, forced to endure the elements and deal with the politics of a lively local community, his dream finally started to take form and Llanganuco Mountain Lodge was born.



We work extremely hard in providing as sustainable a business as possible. The surrounding planetary ecosystem is becoming ever more fragile & precious, so we believe that it is our responsibility as human beings to cherish & nurture it, so that in future years others are able to do the same.

  • Our Solar energy system supplies electricity for appliances & 24hr lighting in the rooms. The lodge is not connected to the Peruvian national grid, as we work off renewable energy.
  • The lodge is not connected to the Peruvian national grid, as we work off renewable energy.
  • The lodge has its own water supply, coming from a sealed water infrastructure from a mountain spring using over 2km of pipes.
  • We separate our rubbish between organic, paper, plastic, glass, tin/metal and batteries.


Meet the Llanganuco Mountain Lodge team who are responsible for making sure our high standards our maintained.



Founder – Team Leader

Charlie is the man responsible for the development and sustained growth of LML. Dedicating the last 15 years of his life to building the trekking hotel, Charlie puts every ounce of his energy into making sure guests have a unique and one-off mountain lodge experience. When he’s not looking after his lodge, his attention is focused on his son Jacques, who is fast growing and learning to love the mountains following in his father’s footsteps.


Web & Marketing Manager

Luke started working for Charlie in 2013, after staying at the lodge for 3 weeks prior to summiting Mt. Huascaran (6768m) as part of a project to raise funds for an impoverished rural community. The beauty of the Cordillera mountains and Charlie’s ambitious project, was too good an opportunity to miss. Ever since, Luke has been an integral part of the lodge, heading up the marketing and digital platform.



Head Chef

Zosi is from the local village Huarca has been working at the lodge since 2007. Trained by an Australian chef for 2 seasons, Zosi brings hearty meals to the tables with a smile and makes sure clients are well fed and happy.



Taxi Driver

Gato is responsible for making sure that our clients arrive and return safely to and from the lodge. Without Gato the lodge’s clients would go hungry, as he delivers all the fresh food from the local market in Yungay.