Llanganuco Mountain Lodge

Off-the-beaten track in the Cordillera Blanca


Our guided treks are more challenging and off-the-beaten path than the classic hikes, taking you to uncover some real Cordillera mountain secrets. Due to the difficulty and inside knowledge needed to visit these destinations, they require either a local or English speaking guide. Our local guides are ASAM registered (Asocación de Servicios de Alta Montana) and come from neighbouring communities, with all proceeds going directly to their families (PEN S/. 90 / day). English speaking guides costs (USD $90 / day).

HIGH LAKE - 4250m

  • From Lodge 5hrs
  • From Lodge 7K
  • Hard
  • 750 metres

Direct from the lodge, head straight at it up the steep hill up to Lake Paracocha. The relentless uphill gradient makes for a tough approach, and requires good stamina and fitness to endure the walk. As you gain access through the vertiginous fault line, use animal trails & remnants of the ancient trail to cross the waterfall. Eventually you will arrive to the small and beautiful lake adorned by a small Quenual forest, that offers a complete panorama of the Cordillera Negra mountains.


  • From Lodge 7hrs
  • From Lodge 8K
  • Hard
  • 900 metres

This trek is only suited for those well acclimatised and in excellent physical condition. The route follows that of the High Lake, diverting up beside a perhaps dry waterfall, heading up ever so steadily with only your guide & convoluted animal tracks to guide you. Passing 4 immense defensive walls, arrive at the ancient remains of the fortress, before heading further to the top of a 100m. If you are lucky you may see the condors soaring & the Viscachas hiding in rocks.


  • From Lodge 8hrs
  • From Lodge 13K
  • Hard
  • 1400 metres

Head up to the iconic Lake 69 and relish the snow-capped peaks and impressive aquamarine coloured lake, before following the trail steeply up around the corner. Climb to 4900m, and marvel at the most spectacular bird-eye views of the surrounding valley, lakes and plethora or mountains tops. Follow the shifting trail through the moraine of Huandoy mountain, to reach Pisco Refuge for a well earned cup of hot chocolate, before descending back to Cebollapampa.
NOTE: All Day Taxi Required – S/. 130


  • From Lodge 8hrs
  • From Lodge 15K
  • Moderate
  • 100 metres

Although this trek isn’t technically challenging, it is most certainly a long walk. The path consists of sections of old trade routes, that skirt the northern Andes. Pass through a red mud brick village, before descending through a forest that leads to the ancient citadel of Pueblo Viejo (so named because no one has any idea how old it is). Unusual ceremonial tables & burial buildings accompany the terraces of this once great site.

5000M ICE - 5020m

  • From Lodge 11hrs
  • From Lodge 11K
  • Very Hard
  • 1520 metres

Only attempt this trek, if you are in peak physical condition and extremely well acclimatised. Leave at the crack of dawn from the lodge, and begin your march past Lake Keushu before entering the Rajaruri Valley. Cut across the valley floor before whacking up a steep slope to find a single-track path that leads directly uphill to the glacier rock. After a final push, pierce through a vertical rock wall, and step foot onto the Huandoy glacier where you can sunbathe with a well deserved lunch. Listen to the melting glacier and soak up the majestic views of the monstrous Huandoy peak, before making your descent to return before dusk.

PUMA´S LEAP - 4650m

  • From Lodge 8hrs
  • From Lodge 7K
  • Very Hard
  • 1150 metres

Climb a recently re-discovered path up to the sheer walls of the gorge, revealing otherwise unobtainable views of the Huandoy Massif. Pass by an old puma lair in the cliffs of the gorge, to take a jump over a drop of hundreds of meters. Continue up through a Quenual forest past bizarre rock structures, to come out well above the High Lake, which is taken in on the way back down to the lodge. A tough and demanding day out in the mountains.


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