Llanganuco Mountain Lodge

Enter the heart of the Andes


Llanganuco Mountain Lodge is a day trek specialist, but has the perfect base for those going on to do multi-day treks and alpine ascents. We use a trusted and reputable partner company “Active Peru” to organise our multi-day treks excursions. Below is a list of options with links to find out more about the individual excursions.

MT. PISCO - 5750m

  • From Trailhead 2-3 Days
  • From Trailhead 16K
  • Very Hard
  • 2250 metres

Mt. Pisco is a very attractive & attainable mountain for fit, well acclimatised climbers who have some alpine experience. Mt. Pisco is well known for its spectacular views of the surrounding peaks, including the highest peak in the earth’s tropics – Huascaran (6768m). The ascent is challenging due to the altitude making it a great practice peak for those continuing to tackle a 6000m. Technically it’s an easy ascent, allowing climbers to enjoy the views of the ice-blue glacial lakes, extraordinary sunrise on the summit, and 360-degree views of the Cordillera Blanca mountain range.


  • From Trailhead 4 Days
  • From Lodge 27K
  • Moderate – Hard
  • 1200 metres

The Santa Cruz trek encompasses a range of different coloured lakes, sheer & towering granite faces & more than 30+ aggressive looking peaks that surround the valley. You will pass through local villages, meet the local Quechan natives & share some of their beautiful surroundings, that they dearly call home. This trek is magnificent & should be on any trekkers to do list.